Shenley Studios

Hi I'm Tom Davis and I run Shenley Studios. I play music in bands and love recording. 


Shenley Studios is located in a quiet forest in Rushmoor providing a peaceful place to record, within an hours drive of South London and 45 minutes from the South coast.
I understand that it's hard to be in a band and have money to record. I don't put up my prices because each project is different. I keep my prices low and tailor them to each project so you get the most for your money. It's also hard just to organise time off work to record, so I work a lot of late evenings and into the night so that bands can still go to work and make records. 
I have worked with bands from overseas mixing their projects. This is a great way to work with people that I wouldn't have the opportunity to otherwise.  
I try my hardest to make each band I work with sound individual as this is something that is very important to me.  
I play most instruments competently so if there is any drum, guitar, keyboard, or bass parts that needs recording for a song I am more than happy to help out.